Radius Moves Forward

As Radius Logistics looks to our exciting brand relaunch next month, we wanted to reflect on the past eight years of business and celebrate the milestone changes that have led to our success.

As a small business, we’ve learned that one of the keys to Radius’ success has been to embrace change. Change in process, change in how we communicate and change in how we present ourselves to the world.

Our ability to embrace change has allowed us to grow significantly over our 8 years in business. At Radius Logistics we don’t abide by the status quo.  Unlike many businesses, the phrase “that’s the way we’ve always done it” isn’t in our vocabulary. Instead, we ask “how can we do it better?” in delivering the best third party logistics services possible for our clients.

This mindset has allowed us to have impact in all areas of our business – increasing productivity, helping our team stay organized, reducing costs and delivering a better service offering. Here are just some of the milestone achievements that have helped Radius Logistics evolve into the industry leading logistics provider we are today:

  1. Leveraging our ERP system, we now manage our day-to-day operations virtually paper free.  In addition to using significantly less paper, we’ve realized many other benefits from this change.  All data is visible at all times to our entire team, resulting in better access for everyone that needs to “touch” a shipment.  This means real time updates that are entered as they happen, better freight flow, and improved accuracy in communicating to our clients.  Additionally, this change has greatly reduced the amount of communication, both verbal and online, between our team to effectively manages our shipments.
  1. We no longer waste resources doing things that don’t need to be done. If something is in the system, we don’t need to print and file it.  This shift in how we manage our documentation allows us to access the past 7 years of documentation at the touch of a button, rather than physically search for information that we need in our files.  The time and cost savings in both paper and time to file allow our team to focus on our customers first.  An added bonus has been the ability to source back up documentation when needed for a client in a matter of seconds. This will have an even greater impact to our clients as we launch our new website.
  1. Our communication style has also evolved considerably. Where we once did the bulk of our business by phone, and even fax, we now communicate electronically, using email and Electronic Data Interchange to benefit our clients and  promote efficiency within our team.  We still understand the importance of picking up the phone to generate a connection with our clients, but we continue to look for ways to streamline communications using the latest technology.

Now Radius Logistics is ready for another BIG change.  For the past year we have been hard at work re-branding our business to reflect the incredible company we’ve become. Next month we launch our new brand.  We’re extremely excited about this change as it is reflective of the incredible journey we’ve had and promotes the vision of who we want to become. With this re- brand, Radius will unveil our new website that will include brand new tools for clients and carrier partners.

We look forward to sharing this next step with you in the coming months!