Radius Logistics provides freight supply chain and logistics services you can trust to be on time, with the flexibility to meet your needs.

Backed by unparalleled customer service, detailed reporting, and a strong track record of finding cost-effective solutions, Radius is Certainty Delivered.

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Fuel Surcharge

LTL: 29.50%

TL: 33.50%

California LTL: 38.50%

California TL: 44.50%

Canadian Intermodal: 25.50%

Transborder Intermodal: 38.00%

a. LTL Applies To Shipments Of Up To 4 Skids, Up To 9’ of trailer OR Up To 9999 Lbs

b. TL Applies To Shipments Of 5 Skids+, 10’ Of Trailer Or 10,000 Lbs or greater

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Fuel Surcharge Updated Every Wednesday

Freight, Supply Chain and
Logistics Services

We are invested in your success. Our main priority is to give you peace of mind through expert management of your transportation, warehousing, and distribution, so you can focus on what matters most – refining your business and staying competitive.

The Radius Logistics network covers North America and beyond, and we offer tailored packages adaptable to your changing needs.  

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Radius Logistics

Based in Vancouver, BC, Radius Logistics is a 3PL provider serving clients across North America and around the world. We are a team of seasoned industry veterans and dedicated Customer Service Representatives, focused on delivering an exceptional customer experience.

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