Special Projects

A Logistics Company that Goes Further

Got a special request? Try us!

Radius Logistics is Certainty Delivered, even in the most unusual situations. When your supply management needs go beyond the scope of what a typical logistics company can do, Radius is ready to rise to the challenge.

Supply Chain and Logistics Special Projects: Tailored and effective solutions for your needs.

We tap into our in-depth knowledge and experience to create tailored, effective solutions for your transportation and logistics special projects needs.

Examples of special projects we’ve completed:

  • Last-minute labeling changes for 9,000 pairs of socks
  • Product repacks
  • Coordination of multi-truck shipments to move in convoy for border clearance or timed deliveries
  • Installation of products across multiple locations

When unexpected issues throw a wrench in your production, Radius is here to help. To learn more about how we can provide customized solutions for your production challenges, call us at 877-541-1910.

Making a difference, delivering certainty.

Radius always comes through for me, whether it is a tight deadline, low availability, and/or special requests. They offer options and pricing that suit my needs. Their customer service and operations interaction is second to none.

Over the last few years, Radius Logistics has been on time consistently and can provide alternate solutions to match pricing constraints, specific transit times, and handling requirements.

Bob James Sales Manager
Doman Building Materials