Radius Goes Green

Radius recently received our annual Certificate of Diversion from our waste management provider, Urban Impact. This certification is a salute to our efforts in being responsible in consumption, waste recycling and environmental management. It outlines how much waste we have diverted from the landfill this year and gives us the satisfaction of knowing that our recycling efforts have made a difference.

Here are just some of the ways we try to reduce our impact at Radius Logistics:

  • Our business utilizes state of the art management systems to give customers a clear view into the services, costs and timeliness of their shipments. By having our Customer Service team work with this system to run our client operations, we minimize the amount of printing required, helping us cut use from approximately 2-3 skids per year, to less than half a skid.
  • At Radius, we are driving the use of email and other paperless solutions to help us manage all cross-border customs paperwork digitally, and manage shipments for improved accuracy, reduced fulfillment time and lower costs. Going paperless has helped us save 500-1000 sheets of paper per day in our operations.
  • In our office, we recycle every material we possibly can. This includes all cardboard from our warehousing facilities and offices, along with the bulk of any plastic, wood, and metals. We compost all of our food waste in our Surrey office, which would otherwise make up 30% of garbage going into our landfills.
  • In addition to successfully managing shipping and logistics, Radius offers a Reverse Logistics Our Customer Service team carefully assists our clients in successfully recovering and recycling obsolete displays, product, signage and anything else they want taken away. We divert as much of this from landfills as we can by dismantling and recycling the various components. This not only saves time and money, but helps the environment as well.
  • The Radius Logistics warehousing and distribution facilities see a large amount of cardboard boxes. Our dedicated team has put forth best practices to repurpose as many boxes as we can for our inbound and outbound shipments, resulting in significant reduction in cardboard wasted in our day-to-day operations.
  • Our office and warehousing centers are built with sustainability in mind! We use only the most sustainable products, such as eco-friendly paints and environmentally certified flooring options, designing our operations with green in mind. We also utilize auto shut-off light switches and programmable thermostats, helping us save energy and reduce as much of our environmental impact as we can.

At Radius Logistics, we are consistently looking for new ways to reduce our environmental footprint, and adopt sustainable solutions for our clients. Find out how we can help your supply chain go green, contact us today.