California Dreaming: 5 Tips For Efficient Transportation To And From The West Coast

Feeling those winters blues? Radius Logistics has a dedicated transportation program for fast and efficient service between Vancouver and sunny California. It may not be the surf vacation you’ve been longing for, but at least you can rest easy knowing your cross-border shipping needs are in good hands.

Here are our tips on how you can maximize your shipments from BC to California:

1. Become familiar shipping times, routes, and modes
The cost, delivery schedule, and the size of the shipment are all factors to consider when determining the most effective method of international transport. If you aren’t well versed in your available options, you could be missing out on valuable cost savings. For example, as we enter produce season, demand increases from California, resulting in significant price increases for service, and a lack of available capacity. These factors are all widely considered in advance by your third party logistics company. They have the established experience and resources to quickly scale transportation resources and networks as needed, while proactively assessing variable costs and service levels to manage your a lean supply chain and meet customer demands.

2. Precise documentation is critical
The number and kind of documentation exporters must prepare varies on the commodity being shipped. However, proper documentation is of the utmost importance. Non compliant paper work will lead to shipment delays, unexpected costs, and frustration. This documentation is routine for customs brokers, but it’s the exporter who is ultimately responsible for any issues that may arise. 3PL providers can help guide you in the right direction of where do get the appropriate documentation for your needs.

3. Know how much space you really need
If you are only transporting a small amount of product, you may not have to pay for an entire truckload for your shipment. There are cost effective options, like LTL freight shipping, which could save your business significant time and money. These options require extensive knowledge of the transportation industry, and established relationships with reputable carriers. LTL rates can be very confusing, but by understanding what affects them, you can come to a better conclusion of what may be right for your business. 3PL providers, like Radius Logistics, can collaborate to create the best combination of LTL or FTL rates and services with their partners to effectively transport shipments regardless of size.

4. Diligently track your shipment
The key to maintaining a successful cross boarder shipment is to have the procedures in place to adequately track their every move. This can be an expensive, labour intensive, and time-consuming job. At Radius Logistics, we assign a dedicated Customer Service Representative to track and monitor all shipments. These representatives provide daily service reports to proactively manage your shipments, allowing you to plan and keep your customers updated. This will reduce damage, delays in transit, and supply quality data for efficient decision-making.

5. Consult an expert
Shipping across the boarder can be complicated. It’s time consuming and tedious getting familiar with international processes, partners, and options available for your business. This is in addition to the effort required to coordinate warehousing and distribution capabilities abroad. 3PL providers will do this guesswork for you, and ensure that every hand in your transportation system is licensed and specialized in your area of need. Radius Logistics has dedicated programs and equipment to help ensure less damage, eliminate delays in transit and enable fast service times to and from California. This means putting your freight transportation needs in the hands of a highly trained team who will reduce handling, provide access to quality equipment, and save you money.

Let Radius Logistics make your California dreams come true. Contact us today to find out more.