Insights from in.sight Conference 2016

Last month, several members of our team attended the in.sight conference in Nashville, Tennessee. This is a conference put on by TMW, the manufacturers of our ERP system, and is attended by over 2000 people from across North America.

Not only is it a great networking opportunity for our team, the conference provides an inside look into the future of technology within our industry and how trucking intelligence software is evolving to meet the changing technology needs of businesses around the world. It gives us the chance to meet other users and learn how they use the latest technologies in their operations, exchange ideas and discuss concepts, providing a valuable opportunity to develop as a company in many ways.

This year, the conference provided the exciting opportunity to see and experience some of these innovations first hand. We explored a number of trends set to make a big impact in 2017, including In-Cab technologies, and a continued move towards paperless operations and proactive reporting; the growth in this segment of our industry is amazing.


During the conference, Radius employees attend different sessions led by users of the software and industry experts, exposing our team to the multiple ways that companies are leveraging ERP software to scale their operations.  This always gets our group excited about the possibilities of what we can bring back to Radius and each day we take the time to have a quick debrief about the changes or enhancements we want to implement as soon as we get back to work.

On top of the valuable industry knowledge, there are informative sessions with industry groups and vendors that give us an opportunity to discuss changes, challenges and ideas with our peers from all over North America.  We get a chance to give input at round tables and share our knowledge and experiences with others. The team members also get to spend time together outside of work and really get to know one another.  The Radius team always comes home with the bond of a shared experience and we see the payback of these relationships in our day to day.

The cost to attend these conferences may not be small, but the payback is well worth the investment. As the team applies the knowledge they learn from conferences like in.sight, they push us, as management, to try new ways of improving our business operations and set the groundwork for effective change in our industry.