PSC Natural Foods – A Radius Rock Star for Supply Chain Management and Logistics

When it comes to supply chain management, small changes in your current process can go a long way to improving efficiencies.

At Radius Logistics, we utilize out years of experience and a vast library of carrier partners to create the perfect solution to meet our client’s ever-changing business needs. No business is the same, so neither are our service offerings. This is demonstrated through the tailored solutions we created for our Radius Rockstar, PSC Natural Foods.

PSC, a division of Horizon Distributors, is a wholesale distributor of organic and natural grocery products in the dry, chill, frozen, and bulk categories serving natural food stores, grocery chains, independent grocery stores, buying clubs, restaurants, cafes and specialty retailers across Western Canada. PSC serves Vancouver Island and sources products from Eastern Canada and the U.S. on a regular basis.

With over 30 years of established relationships with suppliers and customers in the natural and organic food industry, PSC was looking to simplify its transportation needs within a rapidly growing market. PSC engaged Radius to provide a small-scale solution with large results.


The natural foods industry is on the rise. What used to be a small-scale niche market serving specialty retailers has grown into an enormous selection of products with mass appeal as larger retailers become interested in specialty organic products.  What hasn’t changed is the number of products shipped individually which is how many suppliers in this industry operate.

Supply Chain Management Rockstar: PSC Natural Foods | Radius Logistics

Many PSC’s vendors still prepare their products in remote areas and out of their homes, producing in small batches. This means small-scale shipments to vendors, higher per-unit costs based on these smaller shipments and longer lead commitments on logistics.

When PSC engaged Radius, they were looking for a way to reduce costs on tailored “Less Than Truckload” shipments coming from as far as Eastern Canada and minimize damages. This proved to be a common challenge working with multiple or unreliable carriers.  The company needed a personalized solution to streamline its distribution needs.


At Radius Logistics, our main goal is to see your business thrive. Our Customer Service Representatives work to create tailored solutions outside of routine service operations to meet unique business demands. Radius immediately took over all LTL handling duties for PSC and worked to find more efficient methods to consolidate small shipments. This allowed PSC employees to focus on growing their brands.

By managing LTL shipments and utilizing reliable industry partners, Radius could cut costs and reduce damages on shipped products. This resulted in 50% cost savings for the company.


Radius was also able to think creatively in reaching vendors in remote areas by utilizing the Radius Courier service. A Radius Customer Service Representative could connect PSC with discounted rates from partner courier companies to consolidate these smaller shipments from remote areas into a central location to move at a much lower consolidated rate than they did as individual orders.

This outside-the-box thinking and willingness to go above and beyond makes PSC and Radius valuable partners.

With Radius Logistics, you can ensure we will create the best option for your needs at prices you might not otherwise be able to access. Contact us today to learn about how we can help streamline your shipping needs!