3PL For The Holidays: How Outsourcing Logistics Can Maximize Profits And Help With Christmas Shipping

During the holidays, Santa isn’t the only one feeling the pressure of seasonal demands. Managing increased volume this time of year can be especially difficult, and businesses who fail to adapt can seriously jeopardize profits. By outsourcing to a trusted 3PL provider, you can be sure you are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to scale and adjust operations in advance. This will ensure a seamless supply chain year round, and make sure everyone is happy for the holidays.

Here are some of the ways outsourcing your supply chain logistics can help your business during the holiday season:

Predicting the nice and naughty list: Let your 3PL manage your inventory

With ebbs and flows of the holiday season, it’s difficult to predict how much inventory a business will need to acquire. The right answer varies by location and industry, making for a difficult calculation. Without the tools and expertise to accurately forecast inventory needs, you could make detrimental moves to your supply chain that can result in a loss in profits. Outsourcing your logistics to a 3PL who can monitor your supply chain and can help you properly prepare for the holidays which will allow you to focus on your core capabilities.

Radius Logistics offers full cycle logistics services to our clients to provide value added support to their supply chain and manage seasonal products, ensuring the most out of the seasonal high. Your business can also take advantage of our warehousing and distribution capabilities – we’ll manage your products by informing you of what you’ve got and where you’ve got it. Our reverse logistics services allow us to help you consolidate after the holidays, removing and transferring or returning any remaining seasonal merchandise

Driving the Sleigh: Let your 3PL coordinate the transportation

No matter how much inventory planning is done in advance, products can still be subject to hiccups and may not be delivered on time. 3PL providers have longstanding relationships with carriers across the globe to ensure the best possible results. Their expert advice can consolidate freight and find solutions for your business to save costs and gain economies of scale. Radius Logistics has dedicated customer service representatives for each client who will monitor your domestic and international shipments and ensure they arrive at their destination on time and intact.

Wrapping the gifts: 3PLs are experts at holiday handling

Having strategies and systems to store, move and direct the flow of goods can enable smooth sailing to better manage year-end demand. Supply chain operators must ensure existing inventory is properly managed before the upcoming inflow, and that planning is set for increased outbound preparations. This includes making sure that your business has the accurate amount of materials and equipment to move increased inventory, and up-to-date automated tools to run at variable speeds and at a faster rate.

Making a list, checking it twice (for scalability)

3PLs allow their clients to coordinate space, labour and transportation according to needs. The key to seasonal success is flexibility – adjusting your business’s supply chain quickly and strategically to take full advantage of short changes during the holiday season. Outsourcing to 3PL providers like Radius Logistics gives you the ability to scale space and staff, and meet inventory needs on the go. Our expert staff and valuable relationships allow us to ensure your transition into the busy season is profitable and worry-free, while also providing the cushion to scale back during slower months of the year.

Could your business benefit from offloading your supply chain management to a 3PL provider? Call Radius Logistics today and see how we can help you focus on your core competencies and cut costs this holiday season.