Why Should a Small Business Use a 3PL?

October 20th-26th is Small Business Week! At Radius, we recognize all of the hard working individuals who run small businesses across our country. After all, small and medium businesses are the foundation of our economy. 

With today’s demand for fast and affordable shipping options, logistics has become a crucial part of running a business, especially a small business. Do you feel pressured to provide the fastest and cheapest shipping options? Establishing your transportation strategy can be difficult and time consuming… that’s where a knowledgeable third party comes in. 

A Third Party Logistics (3PL) partner can provide a range of services, from handling transportation and distribution, to an all encompassing logistics solution that takes care of every aspect of your supply chain. With the small business industry growing, it’s important that we recommend tools to help them thrive. 

Here are 3 ways the value of a 3PL surpasses the perceived costs for a small business:

Save money and time

Imagine a scenario where you only pay for the space and time you use. The word “outsourcing” can sound like you’re spending money on additional positions and resources, when in actuality, it can mean saving money on potentially inessential positions and resources. 

Using a third party eliminates the need to invest in your own warehouse space, technology, transportation and staff. It also saves you the time and the hassle of handing paperwork, customs documentation, billing, audits and providing the necessary training. Instead of spending a fixed cost on all these areas year round, you’ll be able to put more of your money towards your core competencies.

Industry Connections

When you connect with a 3PL, you’re also connecting with a global network of resources. You gain access to the largest range of logistics services, designed to meet your changing needs. A reliable 3PL has experience in all aspects of supply chain management, allowing them to move shipments in the most cost effective and skillful way, unbeknownst to the average person. Leveraging industry connections and accessing volume discounts result in lower overhead for you, and on top of that, there are service options for every need. 

Continuous Optimization

From state-of-the-art software for visibility, to transportation management and inventory control, a seasoned 3PL can predict industry trends and implement best practices for your unique situation. When your company faces seasonal fluctuations, you’ll have the ability to utilize more or less resources with a simple phone call to your dedicated Customer Service Rep.

Perhaps your needs will eventually change from cross border shipping to global air and ocean. Is your current logistics strategy prepared to handle drastic and likely complicated requirements? In addition to predicting needs and resolving issues, a 3PL will help your business establish and monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure progress and eliminate inefficiencies to streamline your supply chain. 

From an outside point of view, shipping may seem as simple as moving a few boxes from A to B. For a small business owner, you know it’s an intricate string of operations demanding a very high level of expertise. Lucky for you, Radius Logistics is your full service transportation partner, focused on 24 hour customer service. When you outsource your logistics to Radius, you’ll have peace of mind knowing we can handle any challenge, day or night. Contact us  today! 

If you’re a small business owner looking to connect with other entrepreneurs this week, check out the Small Business Week Website to find out what events are taking place near you.