Tips for Efficient Cross Border Transportation

Are you looking to maximize your freight shipments between the U.S. and Canada? The team of experts at Radius have assembled 4 valuable tips for your most efficient and effective cross border transportation.

Know your space and your options

How large is your shipment? You may not have to pay for a whole truckload if you’re transporting a small amount of product. Radius offers LTL (Less than Truckload) options that could save your company a significant amount of money. The factors that determine LTL rates can be confusing, but understanding them will help control costs and ultimately lead to big savings in your pocket.

You should also understand shipping times, routes, and modes. Aside from the cost and size of your freight, the delivery schedule is an important element to consider. When you ship cross border with Radius, our industry connections allow us to provide a variety of unique service levels to meet any budget.

Proper documentation

When it comes to cross border, proper documentation will make or break your shipment process. If your paperwork is non-compliant your freight could be delayed, which is likely to result in unexpected additional costs.

Knowing how and where to get the appropriate documentation for your specific freight is crucial to cross border success. Radius is proud to offer expertly integrated cross border solutions with everything you’ll need for efficient and uninterrupted shipping, including the correct paperwork.


Tracking can reduce damages and delays, while simultaneously providing excellent data for future decision making. Tracking is a great tool, but it can also be expensive and time consuming. When you ship cross border with Radius, we offer a dedicated team of Customer Service Representatives. They diligently track and monitor all of your freight, as well as provide daily service reports to proactively manage your shipments. These detailed reports allow you to stay up-to-date and in touch with your product.

Partner with a 3PL

Shipping cross border can be complicated, and coordinating warehousing and distribution abroad is no easy task. When you partner with an experienced third party logistics team, we take the guesswork out of the equation and replace it with reliable expertise. As a 3PL we’re able to access cost effective options that require extensive industry knowledge and pre-existing relationships with trusted carriers. 

Let the professionals at Radius handle your cross border needs. Contact us today to find out more!