Radius Rockstar: Ganolife

At Radius Logistics we are fortunate to work with incredible clients from all across the globe. For our business to be successful, our client’s business must to. Once a month we will be profiling one of our great clients at Radius who propel us to reach the highest level of quality service. Our first “Radius Rockstar” is our client, Ganolife!


Ganolife is a multi level marketing company who have developed a line of premium products including a wide selection of coffeehouse beverages, supplements and personal care items. All Ganolife products have been infused with Ganoderma lucidum – a raw, whole food that has many health benefits including supporting the immune system, detoxifying the body and boosting energy.


Ganolife’s head office is in California, USA, but as a multi-level marketing organization, they provide tools and products for individual affiliates to share worldwide. Ganolife came to Radius Logistics with a unique challenge that gave rise to the effective partnership we now operate today.


Ganolife was in search of a more efficient system to supply product to their distributors across Canada.To do this, Ganolife wanted to simplify their supply chain and change the direction of their existing strategy without facing the challenges of cross boarder shipping in-house.

Ganolife needed expert advice on how to efficiently ship their products from their US warehouse to Canada quickly, safely and cost effectively. Radius Logistics “came down from the heavens” (as quoted by the Ganolife team) to proactively help enhance their customer service to their Canadian distributors.


Radius Logistics and Ganolife partnered to design a weekly consistent, cost-effective supply chain for their Canadian distributors through our Radius Courier platform.

Once per week, Radius picks up a pallet with all Canadian orders consolidated into one shipment, where we move the product through our dedicated northbound network. In a quick 3 day delivery from California to Vancouver, the consolidated shipment arrives at Radius, where it is de-consolidated and inducted into the Radius Courier network. Each pre-labelled package is then individually separated for final delivery to the homes of Ganolife affiliates across the country.


Since partnering with Radius as their exclusive third party logistics provider, Ganolife has seen unified and streamlined product delivery to their Canadian affiliates, resulting in a growth of Canadian business, new accounts activating and old affiliates re-engaging. With the seamless shipment process, Ganolife distributors can revel in a sense of comfort knowing that they will receive their products on time and intact.

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Ganolife as their full service Canadian transportation provider! For more information on how you can get involved with Ganolife, click here.

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