Radius Rockstar: Concord National

At Radius Logistics, our main goal is to see your business thrive. That’s why our dedicated team of Customer Service Representatives work around the clock to provide clients with transportation management services that aim to streamline supply chain efficiencies. We consider it a success when our clients are able to focus their efforts on their core competencies, and leave the logistics to us. This can be seen by Radius’s long time partner, and this month’s Radius Rockstar, Concord National.



Concord National is a progressive national food brokerage that represents retail grocery brands in Canada. The Concord team manages the importation, warehousing and distribution of products throughout Canada, aiming to build reputable food brands throughout the country.

Radius has been working with Concord for 5 years, and has grown from a transportation management partner to the full-scale supply chain provider for the business. Concord came to Radius with a unique challenge to address its growing third party logistics requirements, and the Radius team delivered.


Managing the transportation of food products comes with a unique set of challenges. Product shelf life, time sensitivities, and other factors to ensure consumers’ safety are of the utmost importance. The fragile nature of these goods warrants that there will almost always be additional logistical requirements in the supply chain.

Concord National transports from its coast-to-coast warehouses and distribution centers – and managing this fragile inventory across the country can be a challenge. In addition, the brokerage collaborates with international suppliers who aim to build brand recognition in the Canadian market, and as such, must also manage importation requirements.

It comes as no surprise that the company was being spread thin, and was led to seek additional confidence in ensuring that their supply chain was efficiently managed.


Radius Logistics was brought on to help Concord better manage its growing transportation management needs, but what the company received was much more. With a trusted 3PL provider proactively managing the importation, warehousing and distribution of its sales channel throughout Canada, Concord was able to cut down on unforeseen costs that had been incurred from mismanaged supply chains like late deliveries, damaged product, or extreme charges from retailers. The team at Radius was able to clearly identify theses costs, and work with their network of trusted suppliers to manage third party relationships coast-to-coast, creating a more efficient and cost effective solution for managing logistics.


With Radius’ proven experience behind the wheel, Concord gained the assurance that its supply chain was being efficiently managed. Concord employees could spend less time coordinating distribution to their sales channels and focus on what they do best – building great food brands in the Canadian market.

Is your business confined by logistical struggles? Let Radius Logistics provide you with our expert advice and trusted relationships across Canada. Together we can find the best solutions to help efficiently manage your supply chain. Contact us today.