Meet the Team Mondays: Bob Boyer, Rates Manager

My personal motto is:

I’ve worked at Radius for 5 years.

I think I was hired at Radius because of my desire to be a part of a winning team.

The very first job I had was part time as a student pumping gas – when I was able to locate the gas cap.

If I were a pasta shape I would be strozzapreti.

If I could host a talk show, The Dalai Lama  would be my first guest.

If I had a warning label it would say “This side up”.

My nickname growing up was Captain K – Sadly it was a reference to a “Casey At The Bat” moment in my baseball career.

In the car you’ll catch me listening to a Tony Kornheiser Podcast.

The best gift anyone could give me would be dinner with good friends and a nice bottle of wine.

If I could only watch one movie for the rest of my life it would be The Godfather I or II – NOT III.

My favorite author is Jon Krakauer.

The best piece of advice that someone at Radius has given me is “Be a voice – Not an Echo” – This is actually framed in our lunchroom but I’m sure it’s a direct quote from a Radius employee.

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