Meet the Team Mondays: Jay Batth, Special Commodities Division

Jay Batth, our Special Commodities Division Manager provides flat-deck and heavy equipment solutions for specialized shipments. He brings a breadth of knowledge and experience in this field, giving our customers confidence and assurance that their freight will be efficiently managed, regardless of the complexity. Certainty Delivered.

Meet Jay!


Tell us about yourself…

I was born and bred in London, England and moved to the Vancouver area 4 years ago.  I am married with two boys; ages 13 and 9.  Both my wife and I were searching for better career opportunities in a city that would be more favorable to raise our children. I am very British at heart; I love my beer, hearty food and football (what you Canadian’s call soccer).


What is your role at Radius Logistics?

I manage the Special Commodities Division. This entails overseeing the day to day operations and providing expert solutions, support and direction to our clients by coordinating projects, meeting, deadlines and staying competitive in pricing.


What attracts you to the company?

I have been a part of the Radius team for14 months now. The company has fantastic culture; everyone’s extremely approachable and on the ‘same page’.  Radius is an ever-growing company with strong principles that enable us to remain competitive in the logistic world.


Tell me more about your previous experience? What expertise do you offer to Radius clients?

For the past 10+ years I’ve been in the logistics industry. In the United Kingdom, I was a Multiple Service Provider for an industry leader in the courier world. Since arriving in B.C., I have worked as a Freight Broker and a General Manager of a transportation company.


Why did you choose a career in logistics? Where do you see the future of the industry?

I could see a lengthy and secure career in logistics. The industry and client’s needs are ever changing, presenting new challenges on a regular basis.  This pushes us all to consistently exercise and expanded our skill sets to overcome obstacles.


What is the biggest challenge clients’ face in their supply chain? What advice do you have? What is the secret to success in supply chain solutions?

With the introduction of the ELD mandate deadlines, the industry will be facing big challenges. Drivers have very little control over their tracked driving time compared to what a manual system captures, so making up for delays or setbacks will be the impossible. Clients will need to analyze their shipping/receiving procedures and hope to reduce loading/unloading times, which may mean paying for team service to reduce travel time over longer distances.

Secondly, communication is key! All parties involved must be kept up to date and in the loop regarding the progress, or incidents or delays. We have control of the communication avenues – what we need are procedures and practices in place to make sure it’s been executed efficiently.


What’s your go to travel song?

I have a wide range in taste, but I do enjoy listening to Bruno Mars.


If you were stuck on a desert island and could only have 1 item couriered to you by Radius Courier – what would it be?

A 60” HD TV!  I can’t miss my (English) football!