Meet the Team Mondays: Clayton Leech, VP & Pricing Manager

My personal motto is:

The best part about working at Radius is ……deep question, best answer is the constant feeling of accomplishment…. and this can come from many sources… and these are but a few….. the warehouse being all cleaned up after a busy crazy day,  a good billing day, week or month, seeing the sales process succeed and bringing new accounts on board (there is a lot of moving parts involved in this) seeing long term accounts stick with us (again a lot of moving parts and sometimes we fail to see what is takes to keep a long term account),  watching employees grow and care about the business as much as we the owners do,  and the coffee…

Other than the coffee, nothing we do here is an individual effort… every success we have is a result of team work. Every order we handle involves us all… Sales, Customer Service, Logistics, Pricing, Admin and in many cases the warehouse. And each department is committed to success. And we are successful. Being part of this and helping create it is a great feeling.

I like to start my day by reading the news.   I figure if the world is ending I want to know about it so can then slow down and enjoy my coffee and not have to race out of the house.

Some advice I’d give to my teenage self would be “skill is important but will never replace hard work and effort”.

My tenacity has always helped me get out of sticky situations. And gotten me in a few…

If I were a superhero my power would be to make things disappear. Like bad drivers… (that would be funny wouldn’t it).

Golf is my favorite outdoor activity.

One movie I never get tired of watching is either the Indiana Jones series (except for #4) or the Bourne series (again except for #4).

When people ask me for help, they usually want help with the recycling.

My perfect day would be spent golfing in the morning, afternoon with grandkids playing, and then a glass of wine on the front deck with the wife watching the sun go down.

Among my family and friends I’m famous for being oblivious to the obvious.

The best pieces of advice that someone at Radius has given me are both from the same guy:  “like water off a duck” and “chase the freight”.

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