Celebrating Truck Driver Appreciation Week!


Why are truck drivers so important?

Transportation is an industry that’s often overlooked. Most people go to the store and pick something off the shelf without thinking how it even got there. 

Trucks transport goods to nearly every sector of the economy, from delivering raw materials to manufacturers, to bringing final products to distribution centres and stores. The majority of communities in Canada and the United States rely on truck drivers to deliver goods. There’s a reason truck driving is the most common occupation in 29 states! 

Look around you right now. There’s a good chance everything from the furniture you’re sitting on, to the clothes on your back, to the snack you’re about to eat, has seen the inside of a truck.

Truck drivers also play a critical role in aiding the victims of natural disasters, delivering food and other essentials for survival. They also deliver the necessary supplies to rebuild after the disaster.   

Here’s a glimpse of what would happen if trucks were suddenly pulled off the roads:

  • 3 days = shortage of perishable food
  • 2-4 weeks = shortage of drinking water
  • 24 hours = shortage of necessary supplies in hospitals
  • 2-3 days = ATMs would be empty 

Truck drivers have chosen a lifestyle that is extremely difficult and dangerous, yet is absolutely necessary for our economy. The job comes with a significant amount of personal sacrifice and rarely gets the public recognition it deserves.

Next time you see a truck cruising down the road, reflect on the service they’re providing. Show your appreciation by waving to the driver! While you’re driving home from school or work, they’re in their office working hard to support not only their family, but our economy as well.

Did you know that September 8-14, 2019 is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week?  This year, as a small gesture of our gratitude, we gave the drivers coming through our dock Tim Hortons gift cards!

On behalf of Radius Logistics we would like to say thank you to all of the hard working men and women who serve as the heart of the logistics industry. We are tremendously appreciative of all that you do.