4 Innovative Ways To Ship A Turkey Dinner This Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here at Radius Logistics, we are always thinking of creative, cost effective ways to meet your transportation needs. During the holidays, we all like to gather with friends and family and share in good food and even better company. However, not all of us are able to fly home for Thanksgiving dinner every year.

We’ve made a round up of the best ways to transport a turkey dinner world wide, so even if you can’t make it home for the holidays, you can enjoy mom’s Thanksgiving feast, wherever you are:

Air Freight


Contrary to popular belief – Turkeys can fly, but not once they’re cooked! By far the fastest way to get your dinner delivered is by air. Radius is experienced in accommodating to critical and urgent shipments as quickly as possible. Jet engine cargo aircrafts can cruise at up to 500 mph. With speeds like that, you can ensure your dinner is still hot out of the oven when it arrives.

Ground Freight


Whether it’s turkey dinner by train or truck, Radius can ensure your turkey makes it border to border before dinnertime. Ground freight is cost effective and easily customizable, and our team is highly experienced in cross border shipping. The record for fastest trip driven across Canada is 32 hours and 7 minutes, so pre heat your oven accordingly!

Ocean Freight


Taking your turkey dinner international? Our integrated ocean freight approach enables us to coordinate your shipments from door-to-door, across the world. The average cargo ship can carry up to 600,000 tons in an average trip. If you were to fill this cargo ship with standard 10 kg butterball turkeys, you could get up to 54,314,000 in one trip!

Radius Courier


At Radius Logistics, we interface with a variety of couriers and ensure we’re providing you with the most cost effective service. Whether you’re shipping one hot turkey dinner or 100 – our Radius Courier systems get the job done seamlessly and efficiently! What’s better? Our systems are optimized for mobile devices so you can track your shipments wherever they go!

Now, we can’t say we specialize in turkey dinner shipments, but as your full transportation provider, we do handle a variety of shipment types from furniture deliveries, manufacturing equipment, to apparel and more!

Contact us today to find our how we can provide you with the best transportation solution for your needs – whatever they may be!