Deanie Hiles


Radius’s driver of innovation and process, Deanie is relentless in the implementation of methods and procedures to enhance customer service and efficiency.

Through in-depth knowledge of Transportation and Logistics Sales, Deanie provides proactive management of finance, administration, and technology, in her role as Vice President.

With unparalleled direction, she maintains accountability in Radius’ customer service, I.T., web and social media presences, and warehouse departments.

Deanie expertly develops new processes and procedures to advance efficiency throughout new and existing areas of business, including managing access and data of clients’ systems. In her role to drive change and automation, she develops new automated processes which allow Radius to provide clients with effective and reliable service.

Deanie has accumulated over 20 years’ experience in large multinational LTL carriers, and 16 years’ experience in third party logistics, developing new business, and ensuring the successful onboarding of clients.
In her time away from work, Deanie enjoys running, practicing yoga, playing golf, vacationing, or spending time in her latest literary adventure.