Clayton Leech

Vice President & Pricing Manager

Clayton’s ability to visualize and find creative solutions allows him to develop a range of customized results tailored to our client’s needs.

Responsible for all aspects of pricing at Radius, Clayton skillfully manages his time and attention between the dedicated sales team, and day-to-day logistic processes and company operations. A founding partner at Radius, Clayton takes pride in knowing his long-term customers continue to entrust Radius with their businesses, and livelihoods.

After exploring audio/visual technologies while completing his Bachelors at the University of Manitoba, Clayton made the switch to the freight world in 1979. Since then, he has been consistently involved in warehouse management, freight handling, and transportation logistics, amassing over 30 years of dedicated industry experience.

During his time off, Clayton can be found spending time with his family, or involved in a game of handball. More recently, he has been attempting a new hobby: learning to play golf.