Meet the Team Mondays: Tanya Waggett, Logistics Coordinator

My personal motto is:

I’ve been working in logistics for 22 years.

One word my coworkers would use to describe me is tenacious!

I like to start my day by having a triple triple coffee.

I’m currently watching Forensic Files on Netflix right now.

Jamaica is the top destination on my must-visit list.

If I could be best friends with any celebrity, it would have to be Channing Tatum.

My quick wit has always helped me get out of sticky situations.

The best concert I’ve ever been to was Coldplay because they rock.

Hands down the best pizza toppings are pepperoni and black olives.

One thing I’m famous for among my friends is whipping together a great meal from scratch.

The best piece of advice that someone at Radius has given me is drink the Kool-Aid.


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