Meet The Team Mondays: Shawn Wilson, IT Services Manager

Tell us about yourself…

I enjoy working with people to help solve problems. I like to keep active and most recently I completed the New York City Marathon. Also, I am heavily involved with Special Olympics BC in my local community. When I have free time at home I like to spend time working with hobby automobiles.


What is your role at Radius Logistics?

My role at Radius is IT Services Manager. I am responsible for computer networks, phone systems and database management at Radius Logistics.


Tell me more about your previous experience? What expertise do you offer to Radius clients?

I have worked in IT for 20 + years, with 15 in the trucking industry. I have seen tremendous growth in technology in this industry. Dispatch boards with paper stock are a thing of the past. Staff are now more up to date and efficient with freight and communication,  making it far more timely and accurate now than it ever has been.


The main goal of technology is to improve customer satisfaction through program effectiveness & operational efficiency – How does Radius utilize their IT platforms to ensure we’re giving our customers the best possible service?

Radius uses its IT platforms to provide useful and up to date load information for all if its clients. For example, we can send daily customer reports generated by our system to keep the customer well informed on the status of their shipments. We also provide a web portal for clients to login and request quotes or check a status of their loads.


Technology is a hot topic in the transportation industry today – what ideas/programs are you most excited about & how do you think it will help the future of transportation?

Technology is always changing quickly. Technology that we can adopt today can often become obsolete or old technology by the same time the following year. I think the trucking industry has to embrace the changes and work to keep as up to date as possible to see the full benefits.  I am most excited about the introduction of electric semi-truck technology. These vehicles could potentially reduce operating cost and environmental emissions significantly while providing more comfort and ease for the driver.


How do you think some of the major technological advances will change the industry? Where do you see the industry in 5-10 years?

In the next 5 – 10 years I see the advancements in tracking technology improving and becoming more dynamic. This will allow all carriers to participate in some form of load tracking that will provide more accurate and better service to all customers.


If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be & why?

I would love to travel to Europe. I have never been there and am fascinated with the history there.


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