Meet the Team Mondays: Kimberly Bousfield, Customer Service Rep

My personal motto is:

My family consists of my 3 sons Nolan, Kayden, and Matthew, my high school sweetheart Michael, our furry family members are our two dogs Dexter and Jackson along with my horse Mandolyn.

I’m currently re-watching Suits on Netflix.

If I could get on a plane today and travel anywhere in the world, I’d go to England to visit my husband’s family.

Choosing and cutting down the Christmas tree with my boys and husband is my favorite family tradition.

If I could only eat one meal every day for the rest of my life it would be a Belgium waffle with strawberries and whipping cream!

The first concert I ever went to was New Kids on the Block.

My favorite outdoor activity is horseback riding, however I love it all.  Hiking, trail biking, camping, fishing, you name it.

If I could host a talk show, Garth Brooks would be my first guest.

If I could only take one physical item with me on a deserted island, I would take duct tape.

A long dog walk is my favorite way to unwind after a busy day.

The best piece of advice that someone at Radius has given me is there is “nothing guaranteed in freight”.

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