Meet the Team Mondays: Candace Hickey, Process & Training Supervisor


Tell us about yourself…

My husband and I have a wonderful toddler son, and we enjoy camping, hiking, adventuring, and playing all sorts of sports. We love spending time with family and try to squeeze in time with friends whenever we can as well. Fun fact: My career goal before starting at Radius was to be a police officer.



How long have you been with Radius & What is your new role?

I’ve been with Radius since 2011 and have just returned from maternity leave in a new role as ‘Process & Training Supervisor.’ I am really enjoying being in this new role because training & development is what I am passionate about. I love being able to help others realize and reach their potential. Seeing our team members learn and improve their skills puts a smile on my face.


After spending a year at home raising your first child, did you develop or strengthen skills that will help you in your new role or as an industry professional?

Becoming a Mom has absolutely strengthened many skills that help me in my role here at Radius, but especially, PATIENCE! Patience is so key in training & development, and there is no better test for patience than an active toddler! 😊 Not everyone learns in the same way, so having the patience to find out how each team member learns and potentially explain things multiple times in different ways to cater to their learning style is important.


Why did you choose a career in logistics? What do you love most about your job?

To be honest, I didn’t really choose a career in logistics, it kind of found me. My Dad is a partner at Radius, and when he heard that they were recruiting for new team members, he said I should apply. I had been bartending while attending University, and with no knowledge of the industry but needing a change, I figured “why not” and jumped at the opportunity and I’m glad I did! Radius really values their team and treats us well. It is a great place to work. What I love most about working in logistics is that every day is different and comes with a different problem to solve. I love to challenge myself, and logistics definitely provides lots of opportunities to do that!


What are 3 words you would use to describe radius logistics?

Growing, Fast-paced, Service-oriented


What was your favorite memory/experience during your maternity leave?

I was very lucky to be able to travel with my husband and son to his home of New Zealand for 3.5 months, so I have many awesome memories! My favorite though would have to be seeing my son meet his ‘twin’ cousin who was born on the same day as him in New Zealand. Although they were only 1 year old, it was obvious within the first 2 minutes that they have some sort of special connection.


Do you have any advice for parents returning to work?

My advice for parents returning to work would be that it is OK for your new family to be your first priority. Pre-child, some might have said I was a bit of a workaholic, and work often took priority over other things in my life. But returning to work now that I’ve got my own little family to take care of, I often have to remind myself that they are now my highest priority. Of course, still give your all at work and care about what you do, but don’t feel bad about putting your family first! 😊