Meet the Team Mondays: Lindsay Stoneham, Logistics Coordinator

My personal motto is:

I’ve been at Radius for 3 years.

I think I was hired at Radius because of my thick skin and my education.

My happy place is anywhere deep in the mountains!

If I could talk to my dog and ask him one question, I’d ask “are you happy?”

The ability to speak up and defend what you believe is right and feel confident in your decisions are important skills that I think everybody should have.

If I could time travel I’d want to go to the past, because gas was cheap and the music was better 😊

As a child I wanted to be a lawyer when I grew up. – Always had a great urge to argue & debate!

My favorite comedy movie is a tie between Superbad & The Caddy Shack.

On a personal note, I truly admire my mother, for her unrelenting selflessness. As someone iconic, I admire Anthony Bourdain for his views on people & culture.

If I had to live a week without internet, I would keep myself busy with hiking and camping in the mountains.

The best piece of advice that someone at Radius has given me is “Drink the Kool-Aid!


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