Meet the Team Mondays: Chad West, Warehouse Manager

Chad West, our Warehouse Manager, comes to us with a wealth of experience in the Logistics industry. His valuable insights from various job roles bring a fresh approach to the Radius team, and assurance to our clients that their warehousing needs are being well taken care of! Meet Chad …


Tell us about yourself…

Although I spent the last few years in Alberta for work, I’m originally from Armstrong, BC. My wife and I recently moved back to the Lower Mainland after we had our baby girl Kaia. I’m new to the Radius team, starting in the Logistics department in April and recently moving to my current role. It’s been a big year for us! New jobs, our first baby, and a big move. This has kept me pretty busy, but I still find the time to pursue my other hobbies like playing music in bands around the Vancouver area.

What is your role at Radius Logistics?

As Warehouse Manager, my role is primarily to ensure that all fulfillment orders are processed in a timely and accurate fashion. My day to day work is mostly managing client inventory, and delegating daily activities, special projects and requests. Our team works within the Radius warehouse to ensure everything that leaves our doors is properly inspected, delivered on time and within budget.

You’re new to the Radius team. What attracted you to the company?

I’ve been working in logistics for most of my career. This experience has mostly been for big freight providers and large scale corporations. What attracted me to Radius was the cohesive approach that the company brings to their business. Radius is team oriented, focused, and streamlined in their operations to ensure everyone has a common goal. I had heard good things from friends and connections within the industry, and decided I wanted to work for a smaller company with good leadership and a collective approach. Radius Logistics was that company for me.

Tell me more about your previous experience? What expertise do you offer to Radius clients?

Throughout my career, I’ve pretty much touched all aspects of the Logistics industry – From working on docks, to managing procurement and finance. This has given me a wealth of experience that has given me a big picture approach to managing supply chains. Radius’ clients can have peace of mind knowing their shipments are getting the highest level of attention on every leg of their journey. From pickup, to handling and crossdock, right through to delivery – with experienced oversight and followup.

Why did you choose a career in logistics? Where do you see the future of the industry?

I really enjoy the logistics industry because of its dynamic atmosphere. Client’s needs are consistently changing, there are always new challenges to keep things interesting. I’m constantly engaged because there is always something new to learn. I only see this continuing to be the case as the industry grows. In warehousing, we are seeing many new technologies that offer more efficient supply chain operations. This is propelling changes to the way we manage locations and delivery, offering faster transit times and access to more information about each shipment. We are already seeing major companies moving to same day delivery fulfilment centres and a greater need to expedite this information. I see this becoming common place in the industry.

What is the biggest challenge clients face in their supply chain? What advice do you have? What is the secret to success in supply chain solutions?

I think the biggest challenge I see businesses facing is finding efficiency in their supply chain operations. It can be a lot of guess work for a business who doesn’t have the time, connections or expertise to know if there is a better way to optimize their solutions. More and more companies are beginning to see the value in 3PL partners to keep costs low and manage their warehousing.

One of the biggest problems we solve in my department is product compliance. As vendors ship to large companies it’s important to ensure presentation is perfect and no product is missing. We pay close attention to product so that our clients don’t face fines and delays. Another big part of the job is auditing packaging and providing recommendations for cost effective alternatives. We help keep a close eye on the day to day warehousing of all products for our clients to make sure nothing is missed and costs are kept low.

Do you have any hidden talents?  What is something about you that might surprise the Radius team?

It might surprise people to know that I’ve been playing the bass guitar in several punk and metal bands throughout Vancouver for over 15 years!

What’s your go to travel song?

The entire 40oz to Freedom album by Sublime.

If you were stuck on a desert island and could only have 1 item couriered to you by Radius Courier – what would it be?

My logical answer would be water, but my honest answer would be my acoustic guitar.