Meet The Team Monday: Dan Crampton, Account Executive

As a relatively new face on the sales team, our Account Executive, Dan Crampton comes to us with over 13 years of transportation experience. His proven track record of growing sales though client relationships makes him a valuable member of the Radius team. Meet Dan …


1. Tell us about yourself

I was born and raised in Metro Vancouver, and my family has lived in our beautiful home in Ladner for 9 years. My daughter is 9 going on 19, and just started the 4th grade. She keeps me busy – I’m on the Parent Advisory Council for her school and my wife and I are actively involved with her soccer team. When I’m not busy cheering at my daughter’s games, I’m an avid golfer and BBQ enthusiast.

2. What is your role at Radius Logistics?

As an Account Executive, I look after the sales and maintenance of new and existing Radius client accounts. My days are filled with client meetings, where I personally work with customers to find tailored solutions to their supply chain challenges. Our team then utilizes our expertise to design and implement the right program that combines the appropriate services and best rates available. I use my years of experience to guide my team and provide the most cost-effective and customizable package designed to elevate our client’s business operations to the next level.

3. You’re new to the Radius team. What attracted you to the company?

I started with Radius Logistics this April after 13 years with one of Canada’s leading small parcel delivery companies. I was looking for a change and wanted to move into full service logistics. I was drawn to Radius after talking to my network and trusted voices within the industry. Radius has a reputation of investing in their employees to truly create industry-leading teams. They bring their people forward and apply a unique approach to the marketplace. It was a leap of faith to move from a multi-national company, but Radius truly brings everything to the table for their clients and I am happy to be a part of that.

4. Tell me more about your previous experience. What expertise do you offer to Radius clients?

I’ve had a very rewarding career in sales, completing the last 13 years at my previous company as one of the top-performing sales people with the largest sales area. I’m very proud of the results I achieved at my previous position, and it was a very rewarding experience in helping my clients with their courier and parcel solutions. However, I found the industry was quickly moving towards full-scale logistics services and I wanted to provide a full circle solution for my clients.

Interestingly enough, I also have experience in corporate event management. My previous role surrounded helping companies mold stronger teams though corporate events and team building activities. I think this really added to why I felt Radius was a good step for my career moving forward. I truly believe the best results come from investing in an effective team.

5. Why did you choose a career in logistics? Where do you see the future of the industry?

I went into supply chain logistics because I saw an opportunity to truly make an impact in a business’s success. People don’t understand how much work goes into getting products from point A to point B, and often overlook the effort required to fully maximize the efficiency of their operations. With my wealth of experience, I can find a way to pinpoint and identify the areas of business’ logistics where they can save time and costs.

This is where I see the industry growing. As rental costs increase and taxes rise, business owners are facing increased competition and cannot warehouse like they once did. Just-in-time delivery systems are going to become more prevalent as people evolve to do more with less. More businesses will look to 3PL providers as an extension of their operations, outsourcing their transportation management and paying for full service capabilities. Technology will continue to propel this process, allowing for companies to track visibilities online, simplify the shipping process and trust in their partners to manage their supply chains as a whole.

6. What is the biggest challenge clients face in their supply chain? What advice do you have? What is the secret to success in supply chain solutions?

The biggest challenge our clients face is managing multiple vendors for all their supply chain needs. There are so many moving parts to a company’s logistics, and businesses that understand how to streamline these conversations can save themselves the headache of unforeseen supply chain inefficiencies. Our clients see value in the fact that Radius takes on the bulk of this process, affording them the time to focus on other areas of operations. It’s a big deal to a business when they can trust in a 3PL provider to manage these aspects of their operations instead of attempting to coordinate 20 different vendors on their own. It’s difficult to get clients to trust us with this responsibility, but incredibly effective when we can show the results of a successful supply chain to our clients and provide them with the consistency they need

7. Do you have any hidden talents? What is something about you that might surprise the Radius team?

It might surprise my colleagues that I once seriously pursued a career as a professional chef. I’m certainly a foodie and cooking is my favorite pastime. I would argue that I make the best jerk chicken on the barbeque.

8. What’s your go to travel song? 

I’m a big house music fan. My favorite song at the moment is Rihanna’s Work!

9. If you were stuck on a desert island and could only have 1 item couriered to you by Radius Courier – what would it be?

As a logistics specialist my experience is telling me that the smartest thing to bring would be a case of water.

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